Stretch Wrap Films

What is Stretch Wrap Films?

Stretch Wrap Films is a plastic film used to fix, bind and stabilize products. Stretch Wrap Films are made of linear low density polyethylene. When applied, the film will be pulled and stretched around the product to obtain a tight and fixed product load. Stretch films come in various widths, thicknesses and colors.

Types of Stretch Wrap Films

Hand Stretch Wrap Films- Most of our hand films come with a standard 3" core, which is suitable for almost any manual dispenser. Choose all products from transparent to colorful, even anti-static stretch wrap film.

Expanding the core Stretch Wrap Films- provides a built-in handle, which is very suitable for companies that need to wrap items on the go. The integrated handle is very suitable for small batch output or mobile stretch winding applications.

Bundle Stretch Wrap Films-consider any roll of film with a width of 2-5 inches. The strapping film is an excellent alternative to tape and plastic strapping to tie multiple products together.

machine stretch wrap film- Our machine pallet stretch wrap provides real standard film as well as pre-stretched and equivalent film. All of our machine films can be run on stretch wrapping machines with a stretch rate of up to 250%.

Ventilated Stretch Wrap Films-very suitable for making the product breathable. The vented stretch film is a size 80 stretch film with die-cut holes to allow the product to breathe during stacking. It is ideal for curing wood and escaping moisture from fully loaded pallets.

colored stretch wrap film- We provide transparent and opaque colored stretch wrap films, which are very suitable for various applications. The company uses transparent stretch film to color-code the goods for easy identification during transportation. The opaque film hides the cargo and protects the cargo from ultraviolet rays.

The main advantages of Stretch Wrap Films

Stretch Wrap Films provide excellent item protection

These membranes protect the product from moisture, dust and dirt. Transport damage is minimal. If you use UVI (Ultraviolet Inhibitor) stretch film, it can protect items stored outdoors from UV rays. In addition to hiding the contents of the object, it also reduces the number of thefts.

Stretch Wrap Films are cost-effective

Stretch Wrap Films packaging is a better alternative to strapping or heat shrink film. This machine, stretch packaging equipment, is cheaper compared to other alternatives and is also cheaper in terms of energy consumption.

High stretch packaging efficiency

Items packaged with stretch film can be easily scanned by optical elements. Because it is easy to pack, it increases the productivity of workers.

Stretch Wrap Films can be recycled. There are many types of stretch wrap film lowes to meet your specific requirements.

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