Surface Protection Film For Glass

Glass is one of the most versatile materials. In public spaces, at home, and at work: it is everywhere. Float glass for example, is used in window construction, facade design, in mirrors and furniture. The surface protection film for glass and mirror can prevent damage and breakage. Impacts, knocks and extreme pressures lead to breakage whilst hard objects can scratch the fragile surface of glass. This calls for special protection along the entire chain from production to installation.

NB Technology has developed a wide range of different glass surface protection film to permanently protect these surfaces during transportation and installation. The wide range of different protection system products behaves neutrally towards highly-sensitive, coated glass. They protect glass surfaces during transportation and installation or permanently. The glass protection film adheres permanently onto the front or back side of mirrors or glasses, preventing them from splintering on breaking. NB Technology has developed special films that do not leave any adhesive residues behind even following long periods of exposure to the elements outdoors.

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Surface Protection Film

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