Protective Film

Protective film also called protection film, is a material that protects surfaces that are susceptible to damage from minor or moderate abrasions to scratches and more. Protective film helps protect surfaces come with regular usage and other light damage.

Available in various styles, each type of protective film is specifically designed for different applications. They generally vary according to thickness, material, and adhesive strength to meet different requirements. Based on various combinations of these characteristics, these films can be appropriately used in a variety of scenarios to offer protection.

Benefits of Protective Film

● Protection from scratches and abrasions

Protection against humidity and dirt

Resistance against cold or hot temperatures

UV resistance

Chemical resistance

Applications of Protective Film

Deep-drawing process

Aluminium surface protection

Carpets and floors protection

Glass and mirror surface protection

Home appliances external protection

Stainless steel surface protection

Custom surface protective film for other applications

Installation Process of Protective Film

The perfect protection film installation are expected as bellow:

● Surface Cleaning

It's essential to first remove dust and debris from the surface, which allows for smooth application and a snug fit. A surface not properly cleaned is likely to have air bubbles. Plus, debris underneath the film might weaken the barrier and reduce the longevity of the film. The surface must also be grease-free, so the adhesive sticks well to the surface.

Customize Cutting

Cutting the protective film as the shape and curves of your surface. However, it’s wise to get a customized cut from an experienced converter for equipment or vehicles in more intricate systems.

Fit Properly

Fitting is the final step, during which the installer uses different procedures to ensure that the film sits snugly over the object or surface. This must be done in a clean environment to prevent dust from collecting on the clean surface again.

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